About Modern Eleven

About Modern Eleven & Katelyn

I'm Katelyn, the jewelry designer behind Modern Eleven. And this is my little family, Jordan, my husband and our daughter, Kollyns (aka Kolly) - not pictured is our Boston Terrier pup, Hank.

Elementary school is where I first started getting into making my own jewelry. I had a "jewelry box" with all my supplies in it, it was a Rubbermaid container with a lid and handle. I still use this very box today! I would sell my makings at garage sales and set up my own little table to display it all. I remember making $20 one time and feeling like I was on top of the world! Really though, I just loved creating and wearing all the pieces. It was later that I started to really enjoy selling and marketing. 

Fast forward a bit, graduated university with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design with a minor in Business and Textiles. While attending school I started my own jewelry brand, Bling Bang Boom, where I sold on Etsy, local markets, and a couple retail stores. I learned so much and had a blast. Bridal jewelry was my main focus then, but also did everyday pieces too.

Right out of college I started working at a women's clothing boutique, where I still work now, and still love it! I've learned so much about business, trends, and what's practical for everyday wear. 

All of this has taught me the various facets of running a jewelry business. My goal is to provide the latest on-trend styles at an affordable price to help women feel their best and spark confidence!
My design aesthetic is simple, versatile, trendy, and fun. Pieces that accent any outfit- whether pairing with loungewear or dressing up for a night out - you're sure to find something to compliment any outfit!